News Release

January 13, 1998

Softrock Announces Favorable Results for the First of Three Geological Surveys

Softrock Minerals Ltd. is pleased to announce favorable results for the first of three geological surveys conducted last summer on its large 100%-owned "Lindenow" Exploration License in southeast Greenland. The survey was preceded by a Dighem EM/MAGNETIC airborne survey. Greenland's 35% income tax with no royalties attracts foreign investment.

At Stendalen, the aim of the field work was to investigate the economic potential of the Stendalen gabbro and, if possible, bring it to the drilling stage. Ni-Cu-Co mineralization was found to be widely distributed in a 6000 m long and up to 200 m thick contact zone on the west, north and east flanks of the gabbro. A further 4000 m on the South flank of the gabbro has a similar geophysical response and rusty weathering, however, there was insufficient time to permit a ground inspection.

Softrock's geological contractor states that "Extrapolation of the known grades to massive sulfide ore indicates economical grades and there is space for substantial tonnage. As well, "there is still and unexplored potential on the South slope that should be investigated during the 1998 field season." Drilling is possible this field season with the completion of funding.

Effective January 23, 1998 the Corporation's offices will be located at Suite 1010, 825-8 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2T3.

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