News Release

March 5, 1997

Softrock Petroleums Ltd. - 1997 Exploration Programs for Greenland

CALGARY, ALBERTA - E. Denis Gagnon, Director and CFO of Softrock Petroleums Ltd. today announced the Corporation's 1997 exploration programs for Greenland.


Ground geophysical and geological surveys commencing this month will help prioritize drilling targets on numerous anomalies indicated by last year's detailed helicopter-EM/Magnetic survey to be possible massive sulfide (Ni-Cu-Co) and lake-hosted kimberlitic diatremes (diamonds). In choosing Geoterrex of Toronto, Canada (geophysics), and Dennis Dunn, of Dallas, Texas (geology), to perform these surveys, Softrock has engaged consultants with vast hands-on experience including diamonds (Lac de Gras) and Ni-Cu-Co (Voisey's Bay). A core-drilling program will follow as warranted.

Almost simultaneous with the announcement last December of Softrock's promising survey results 1.8 million acres of available surrounding land was snapped up by a yet unidentified corporation(s). Softrock had already selectively added approximately 38,000 acres adjoining its own property where it plans a similar helicopter-EM/Magnetic survey.

Geological Survey for Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and Mineral Resources Administration for Greenland (MRA) liken the unprecedented wave of exploration activity in this general area - the coastal stretch closest to Labrador - to "a nickel-diamond ping-pong game across the Labrador sea". They are quick to point out that "the similarity in setting to the diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes of the Lac de Gras region of the Canadian Northwest Territories could hardly be more striking".

Platinova A/S has already reported finding a diamond in a kimberlite boulder on the shores of a small lake south of Softrock's Kangerlussuaq property. Softrock hopes to prove-up economic deposits of both diamonds and nickel-copper on already-identified anomalies.


Dighem I-Power of Toronto, Canada, has contracted to fly helicopter-EM/Magnetic surveys over Softrock land at Lindenow Fjord where it has 1102 square kilometers and also at Qaqortoq where it has 349 square kilometers contiguous with lands held by Diamond Fields Resources and others. Results of these surveys are expected to be available to Softrock as early as June when follow-up ground surveys will be finalized and implemented. Gold and nickel-copper are primary targets.

Shareholders will be asked at the next annual meeting, for their approval of a Corporate name change to Softrock Minerals Ltd. which the Corporation's officers and directors feel more properly define the Corporation's diversified interests.

SoftRock trades on the Alberta Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "STZ".

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