News Release

April 15, 1997

Softrock Petroleums Announces Successful Results of Surveys

CALGARY, ALBERTA - J.B. Keith McLean, President and CEO of Softrock Petroleums Ltd. today announced the Corporation's delight with the successful results of last month's geological and geophysical ground surveys performed on its 100 percent owned Kangerlussuaq property on Greenland's west coast.

A prominent gossan zone which may be the surface expression of a sulphide body was sampled and assayed. Anomalous metal concentrations were detected even though the leaching of metals from this deeply weathered surficial cap was very evident. The gossan was observed in the vicinity of a strong EM conductor associated with an oval shaped magnetic high. It is proposed that the faulted coincident magnetic anomalies be drilled to determine the source of the anomalies.

A number of lake hosted horizontal conductors indicative of possible kimberlitic diatremes (diamonds) were prioritized for drilling which, hopefully, can commence while lake-ice is still thick enough to support vertical drilling operations. This, the most temperate area of Greenland, had late March temperatures in the light freezing range with little or no snow in the survey area but with strong winds blowing off the inland ice cap.

Remarkable access to Softrock's property commences just a few minutes drive west of Kangerlussuaq, the former American Forces air base now serving as Greenland's main airport and a major staging facility. Kangerlussuaq is located at the head of a navigable Fiord leading to tidewater and has direct air links to both North American and European markets. Couple this with Greenland's favorable geology, stable government, reasonable mining laws, absence of land claim disputes and you have a user-friendly area with plenty of potential.

J.B. Keith Mclean & Pilot

J.B. Keith McLean (President & CEO) and Pilot

SoftRock trades on the Alberta Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "STZ".

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