News Release

October 8, 1997

The Stendalen Gabbro Ni-Cu, South East Greenland

Softrock is pleased to announce some preliminary results of their geological field work conducted this past summer at Stendalen in South East Greenland.

During reconnaissance sampling in 1996 four mineralized boulders were collected on the glacier to the west of the Stendalen gabbro with up to 0.5% Ni and 0.8% Cu.

During the 1997 summer field season these boulders were traced by Softrock geologists to the western part of an 8km long and several hundreds of metres wide mineralized contact zone inside the gabbro that wraps round the west, north and east side of the intrusive. The mineralized zone has only been checked in situ in a few places because of steep topography, but abundant mineralized boulders and distinct rust zones up to 1km long and 100m wide define the mineralization.

The style of mineralization is typical of differentiation of a sulphide phase in a mafic magma. In the interstitial sulphide boulders, the sulphides make up from less than 1% of the rock to nearly 100% in the massive sulphide boulders. The sulphide minerals that have been identified in the field are pyrrhotite (FeS) that makes up by far the largest proportion, chalcopyrite (Cu Fe S22) and possibly pentlandite (Ni,Fe9,S8).

A Dighem V airborne geophysical survey was carried out by Softrock over five properties in South Greenland including the Stendalen gabbro. Results at Stendalen revealed strong to excellent anomalies that coincide with the mineralized zone of the gabbro. Combined geological and geophysical information on additional prospects in the area at Kutseq, Danell Fiord and Sorte Nunatak will be announced as it is available.

Rock samples have been transported from Greenland to Canada for assay. The analytical results should be available in the near future.

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