News Release

November 18, 1997

Softrock Outlining Drilling Targets

Southeast Greenland

Softrock Minerals Ltd. announced today that data obtained from its late summer, ground geological survey and airborne geophysical survey, over the same areas within its 100%-owned property in southeast Greenland, are still being compiled, coordinated and plotted.

Over 500 grab and chip samples were taken for assay at Lindenow and Danell Fjord. So far, at least two prospects, one nickle-copper-cobalt and the other gold, look like possible strong candidates for drilling. Final results are expected before the end of November.

West Greenland

Recent announcements by both Diamet Minerals and Platinova A/S offer some indications of the intensive search for diamonds currently taking place in the general area of Softrock's 100%-owned lands at Kangerlussuaq/Sarfartoq. Diamet confirmed the finding of indicator minerals by Monopros (De Beers), its joint venture partner, as well as the identification of numerous magnetic anomalies which may be caused by diamond bearing kimberlite pipes. Drilling may commence in early 1998. Diamet/Monopros land surrounds Softrock land.

Platinova has established a camp to accomodate its planned winter drilling program. This follows their discoveries of diamonds south of Softrock's 294 km2 (72,618 acres). Softrock will commence drilling its own previously announced diamond and Ni-Cu-Co prospects at Kangerlussuaq as soon as funding is complete.

Softrock trades on the Alberta Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "SFT".

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