News Release

February 18, 2009


Softrock Minerals Ltd. has applied for and been granted 100-per-cent interest in three Alberta government metallic and industrial minerals permits in Northern Alberta.

The Permits, totalling 26,880 hectares (66,420 ac) were taken for Potash possibilities following the company's sub-surface geological mapping which indicated that the Lower Elk Point basin in Saskatchewan, containing all of Saskatchewan's potash mines, both solution and underground extraction, could be extended along a trend northwestward into Northern Alberta.

The three permits are separate. One lying forty (40) km north of Grande Prairie, another fifty (50) km northeast of Peace River town, and the third, two hundred and fifty (250) km west of Fort McMurray.

The geological formation containing the potash beds existing in the Elk Point basin of Saskatchewan appear at the same depth in the area of Softrock's Alberta permits as evidenced by a number of non-producing oil tests in the area that did not core the prospective potash zone.

The company plans geophysical work and possible core holes as normal oilwell drilling rarely shows potash or salt in samples because of its solubility.

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